Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations while maintaining the greatest levels of honesty, integrity, and fairness. We extend our commitment not only to our clients but also to our dedicated employees and the communities we serve, always going above and beyond while demanding a difference.

About Us
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Our Vision

Our Vision

  • The goal is to become a highly trusted, recognized, and reputable home care company in the communities they serve.
  • The company aims to be seen as a trusted advisor by their clients, associates, and business partners.
  • The focus is on meeting the demands of clients and successfully fulfilling their needs.
  • The company is committed to providing competent, innovative, cost-effective, and timely services.
  • The ultimate vision is to contribute to a world where everyone has equal access to high-quality non-medical and medical home care.
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Our Values

Our Values

You can actively contribute to the success of Demand Home Care in fulfilling its missions and upholding its values by embracing and practicing the following core principles:

  • Dignity: Upholding and enhancing the dignity of our clients is not merely a choice, but an essential foundation for providing compassionate care. We firmly believe that every individual we serve deserves to be treated with utmost respect and honor.
  • Empathy: Our team is acutely attuned to the emotions, feelings, and needs of our clients. By cultivating empathy, we forge deep connections with them and their loved ones, enabling us to provide support on a profound level.
  • Selflessness: We prioritize the well-being of our clients above all else. Our unwavering commitment to selflessness allows us to place their needs and desires at the forefront, ensuring their best interests are always met.
  • Attentiveness: Diligence and attentiveness define our approach to caregiving. By remaining fully present in our tasks, we carry out our responsibilities with precision and unwavering dedication to consistent quality.
  • Innate Caregiving: We are natural-born caregivers, driven by an inherent kindness and compassion that cannot be taught. While skills can be acquired, our genuine care and empathy are innate qualities that set us apart.
  • Reliability: Dependability is a cornerstone of our service. Our clients and their loved ones can place complete trust in us, knowing that we consistently follow through on our commitments. We strive to deliver exactly what we promise, when we promise it, without compromise.

By embodying these values and principles, you actively contribute to the mission of Demand Home Care, making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

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We help you transition with ease.

Navigating life transitions can be challenging, but with our transitional care services, clients don’t have to face them alone. Whether returning home after a hospital stay, undergoing a change in medical condition, or transitioning between care settings, our dedicated team at Demand Home Care is here to support you every step of the way. We provide personalized care and assistance to ensure a smooth transition and help with daily activities. Our compassionate caregivers work closely with clients and their healthcare team to create a customized care plan that promotes a successful transition.

In-Home Accident Care Assistance

Demand Home Care provides in-home care assistance for individuals recovering from accidents and injuries, including auto accidents, slips and falls, work-related injuries, fractures, post-hospitalization recovery, wheelchair and mobility care, and bed-rest recovery care.

Your Trusted Home Care Assistants

At Demand Home Care, our caregivers are highly skilled, trained, and ready to provide a wide range of services to individuals in recovery. The Demand Home Care Team consists of Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, and Nurses if required. Whether the individual is mobile or confined to bed, our caregivers can help with personal care, housekeeping, and many other duties and responsibilities that require attention.

Types of Home Care Services:

  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Bathing and personal care
  • Changing bed linens
  • Preparing ice packs
  • Mobility assistance
  • Laundry and dishes
  • Light housekeeping
  • Transportation to/from doctor’s office
  • Pet care
  • Errands and prescription pick-up
  • 24-hour care, if needed
  • And much more!

Our flexible staff can fill in for regular caregivers, be the primary caregiver, or just provide occasional assistance to ease the burden for the person recovering from an accident or injury. We will customize a plan that is exactly what you want or need.

Senior Assistance After a Fall or Accident

Seniors may find that any loss of mobility due to a fall or other accident can have long-term effects on health and well-being. Home visits from a compassionate professional caregiver can be extremely beneficial and help promote safety as well as a speedy recovery. Caregivers can help ensure medications are taken on the prescribed schedule, provide assistance with therapy exercises, and much more.

We will make sure regular nourishing meals and fluids are provided and assist with personal grooming, bathing, toileting, and mobility. We also provide companionship to help the seniors better cope with isolation or loss of mobility, giving them a better chance to improve and re-engage with their normal activities.

Workers’ Compensation Recovery

Demand Home Care’s goal in working with employees injured on the job is to ensure superior care and get them healthy and back to work as quickly as possible. A case manager will complete an initial assessment of the employee and a Demand Home Care Team will be chosen based on the individual needs of the injured person. Communication with the external case manager or insurance company is done on a weekly basis. We can manage the complete case with our team of professionals.

Specialty Care

In most cases, the specialty care services through Demand Home Care are in addition to our standard home care services. They may be provided in two-hour blocks as a short visit or part of a daytime or 24/7 care plan. Our care managers will work with you, your family, doctors, and other healthcare professionals involved in your care to customize a care plan that meets your needs. Much of our specialized care focus will center around training and education to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Services Include:

  • Care Management and Assessments
  • Slips and Falls
  • P.E.G. Tube Feeding
  • Wound Care Assistance
  • Straight Catheterization Care
  • Vent Care
  • Blood Sugar/Glucose testing
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring and Vital Signs
  • Post Operation Monitoring
  • Elder Care Management
  • Exercise Management
  • Hospice Assistance
  • Medication Setup, Administration, and Oversight
  • And more!

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